Valentines for my baby album

Well once again, here is a mini album, I love it! It was made from recycling envelopes (the ones you get in the mail, and you don't know what to do with...but dump in the garbage...) The fun part is when you use them, you create a small pocket where you can add a tag for more pictures or more memories to be kept!

I have been following Jana click here
she has soooo many great ideas....this is where I got this idea from, go check her out!

Making mini albums, is a good way of using a lot of your scraps, and create some sort of memory....I love the fact that you can re-use materials instead of filling out more of our landfills....

I made this thinking about my 11 y/o daughter, who is growing on a couple of years she will be an adult (like my other 2) and the only thing we will have are our memories....I am planning to put some loving messages on it for her, and some of my favorite pictures of her when she was younger...planning to give it to her for Valentines....since she does not have a Valentines yet!


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Barb said...

What a beautiful mini album, Percy!!! LOVE it :)