Sorry I have been MIA, between the Holidays, Ballet commitments, buying a brand new vehicle, getting into an accident not even a week after... to top it off getting the worst cold I have gotten in years....I think I needed to take a break....I still feel I have not had one in months....but here we are in the New Year, New Decade...time to smile, look forward, charge ahead, with a new perspective towards everything, and a smile in your face....

In between all this, I had some time to make something for our wedding anniversary/ Valentines (one is too close to the other to do other wise...)

So here I am sharing. The funny thing is I used very few 'new things' since most of it has been in my craft room for years, I used a lot of 'recycled stuff' some of this paper is from boxes I got at Christmas and tissue paper from some presents too. I used my silhouette for the die cuts, the bind it all to bind the book...and voila!