Stampin Out Alzheimers

I found this website Stampin Out Alzheimers
website thru Lauren Meader's blog Click here

They are holding this 'special event'! Please join,if you can, donate if you can,all the proceeds go directly to Alzheimers research.

I am directly affected by this disease, my mother has dementia...she does not recognize me anymore, she is being 'taken' away every day, every minute...she can't help it....Neither can I, just research to find a cure, or treatment, we would be able to wipe it!!!

Whatever you can give it would make a world of difference, please help!




Curt in Carmel said...

Bless your heart! I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom. That makes me so sad. I've gotten a hint as to what that is like when Jay went through that due to medication. When someone you love doesn't recognize you it not only rips your heart out, but it is horrifying as well. I really do hate to hear that about your Mom. Hugs, Curt

Diana said...

Hey Percie, I didn't knew this! that is heart breaking!! I can tell you because my abuela died from Alzheimer and it was the worst thing that can happened to our love ones! My fave aunt now is an Alzheimer patient as well so is just painful and heart breaking! I did enter the SOA, but that was the week I lost my computer so I couldn't do any of the challenges or comment there!! I am so glad that they raise all that money I pray for a cure!! There is some research in Europe with great results, hopefully it will be soon!