This is what we got today!

Today we were supposed to get some snow....this is what we got....yeah school was out ......(in the county, and ours,...we homeschool!)

I know some people in other parts of the country really have had it bad, still now have it bad. This winter has been brutal, for us...we needed some snow....so finally we got it.

Like my dd said this morning, "Mom, this is better than Christmas!!!"

I will go out to try to enjoy some of it...being from the Caribbean I really don't mind staying inside, but children are small only for so long...when my blood warms up, she will be too old to play!




dianets7 said...

Como diríamos en Puerto Rico ¡Qué cool! lol. I imagine you're freezing. Hope you had fun with your children.

Lisadwb said...

Oh how lovely!! We finally got some snow last Wednesday. The weatherman had been telling us for a week that we would get snow- he was FINALLY right. LOL

Aimee said...

it's funny that when I was a kid, i could stay out all day in the snow. Now, forget it, I'll stay inside all day if there's snow! have a great day!