Sands of Time~Collection album

I made this to send to my MIL, she has not come to visit in a while, I thought this album with pictures might start the fire that is needed to make her come visit....:)

Used Sands of time, Collection paper, various sets from TAC,
No place like home
3 things
Family is for ever
Always Remember
It's the little things
No place like home

I used various Pallete inks from TAC as well
Bind it all to put together
Ribbon from my stash
Flowers from TAC (embelishment jar, it is a fantastic product I used all these, still have a bunch to make a few more things!)

Hope you like it,




Hubby's Valentines Day!

I found this card layout on this blog, Eunice was nice enough to send me a link to the instructions, this card is a little tedious, but I think the result is beautiful.

I am giving this one to my husband for Valentines Day!! I really hope he likes it; we don't usually spend money on gifts, going out, or in is all soooooo expensive for the specific day, for us it is not worth it ....we might go out for dinner a week after or so....

This picture we took just a few days ago, when we had snow, one of the very few we have of us in snow.....I hope he likes it....



I used Valentines paper I had from a couple of years ago (I cleaned and organized my stamping are the other night, realized that I have soooo much paper....I really need to stop buying, start using.....!!! CB heart folder, CB concentric hearts, most of the materials, I had from previous projects!


For someone

I made this card for someone, don't know who....I feel I will have a need for it sometime, the card will be ready then!

I tried to make the one my friend Diana
had on her blog with this particular layout...well mine did not work, 'cause I messed it up! Plus, I was not using the same set, plus, I had to turn the card, this is what ended up being....I think it looks pretty cute!

I used Mimi collection from TAC, Always Remember TAC stamp set.

Hope you like it!

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This is what we got today!

Today we were supposed to get some snow....this is what we got....yeah school was out ......(in the county, and ours,...we homeschool!)

I know some people in other parts of the country really have had it bad, still now have it bad. This winter has been brutal, for us...we needed some finally we got it.

Like my dd said this morning, "Mom, this is better than Christmas!!!"

I will go out to try to enjoy some of it...being from the Caribbean I really don't mind staying inside, but children are small only for so long...when my blood warms up, she will be too old to play!




Anniversary card

I made this card for my husbands and I anniversary today....I can't believe it has been 27 years....full of joy, sadness, laughter, and good times!!! I used some TAC paper from the Mimi collection, which I really, really like, it is so versatile it is amazing, you really get a good deal when you buy it, because you can use it for whatever you want! (I even used it for my Christmas cards this year!!! )

This is a close up of the sentiment I used on my card.

Hope you like it, I know my husband did!

Talk to you soon,

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Pretty Packaging

I love make pretty presentation on packages, my daughter wanted to send her friend a little something for Christmas....this is what I came up with....yeah I know it is mid-January.....(it is the thought that counts right?)

I used a snow set I have from my collection, nestabilities to cut the snowflakes and the tags on the package.

I think it turned out pretty, dont you?

Thanks for visiting!

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2009 Calendar....

I made this little calendar for my daughter for her desk at work, she is a calendar freak and loves to have them here it is...This is the 'outside'.

Used the Mimi Collection from TAC, Bind it All, small calendar I found on line, flowers and ribbons from my stash! Enjoy!!

This is the inside, where the actual calendar is....

Side view.....

On the back, I placed a picture she loves, it is her and her boyfriend in front of a waterfall.....



TAC™ Promotions

This is a great offer TAC is giving everyone! They really want everyone to have a very Happy New Year...don't let it pass by, take advantage of it (it really is a great deal!)

Call me if you need any help, or visit my store (link on the side bar!) Hope to hear from you soon,