I love Tinkerbell, so when I saw this stamp at my LSS I had to have it....I made this Christmas card with it, really I had no intention.... I was 'just making a card.' I don't know who the recipient of this one is....I had no one in mind....

Just wanted to share it with you guys!


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Gift for baby~Baby Album

This mini album I made for my aunt, who just had her 1st grandbaby....she is all excited, I wanted to make something cute for her grandson....I am hoping she likes it, she can add more pictures, or sentiments, or whatever she make it more 'personalized'....

I am liking this mini album making thing....they are cute, fast, easy to make, you can make them for any occasion, or holiday. Love it!

Thanks for visiting!


Friend birthdayday card

This card I made for a dear friend who's birthday was a few days ago...hopefully she has received it already.

I had bought this 'Edward' stamp (yes I am a fan of the Twilight series) and have used it for other ocassions, since I know she is a fan too, I decided to use this stamp for her card. I used my prismacolor pencils to color.

I used my cuttlebug to emboss the Happy Birthday wishes on this card, the rest was sitting on my desk, just waiting to be used....:)

Hope you like it, thanks for visiting!


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Christmas Card


Some of my Christmas cards this year were a family picture (to those very close to our family) some got the 'pretty' ones I made....

This is a sample of some of the ones I made, I used TAC products for this one, and a Martha Stewart punch.

It was something I had thought about in my head, usually it does not happen this way, but it turned out 'just as I envisioned it'!

Thanks for visiting,


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baby card


My aunt has just had her first grandbaby....for the ocassion I made her this card....I was not sure if it was a boy or a girl, that is why I ended up using green and yellow.

I used a template Lauren Meader has in her blog Link
go check her blog out, she has beautiful creations!

Thanks for visiting!

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Dancing makes me happy

More of the pics I have to scrap....this was a dress I made a skirt for.....tulle, tulle, and more tulle....don't want to remember how much tulle I had in my sewing area...and how much I gathered before putting it all together....

My dd who loves to dance, decided we should take pictures before turning in the dress .....

This is what happens when she puts on her point shoes and a beautiful tutu....



more wedding

This is the other layout I made with pictures from my dd wedding...

I used my silhouette to cut some of the shapes....I think it turned out pretty good.

Hope you like it.



sad sad day

I know this is my 'art blog', some things I need to take off my chest....our beloved pup (16 years old) has taken a turn for the worst...we are taking her in today to go to doggie heart is broken...I feel numb...I know I will feel better as time goes....I know....still hard to deal with....all of us in my family are very, very sad....

Hope to be able to share something soon...

Using my silhouette

Here is a layout I made using my new silhouette die cutter. I am so glad I can do things like that, and not have to buy any more 'stickers'....or whatever to decorate the pages I am making, and spending all that money....

This is my daughter on her wedding day at the courthouse....she looked so happy....although she is and will always be my baby!!!



more layouts...

Another layout, using more of our Spring pictures...I wish I had more time to scrap....had been busy, with company and just summer in general...hopefully things will start winding down...then I can find some more time to scrap!



another one

The pile is becoming smaller (this years only!) as soon as I am done with this years pictures... I will start with my older pictures....

Having 3 boxes full of 28 years in pictures is very overwhelming....Some least they are all organized by it might not be as bad...



another page

It is good to see this years pictures go down on the pile they are....meaning I am almost done...(I should just stop taking pictures...!) just with this years pictures....I have another 30 years of pictures to do....:( (Oh BOY!!)

I am convinced that if I work at it, little at a time, I will be done (someday...)

So here is another one,



another layout

More picture pages...

I like to see browse and see what other people ideas on layouts is, the end when I make a page, I make it how I feel like it....I just play around with the pictures until I see something I like, how it feels good, those are my types of layouts...

Hope you like it!

Thanks for the visit!


another page

Trying to work on my yearly pictures little by little....

Here is another one I made yesterday, I am trying to use my scraps as well as going thru the pictures...

Here is the result!

Thanks for visiting!


More scrapbooking

Another page of my dd pics...for some reason when she gets bored this is what she does....I am glad she is beautiful...

I am still working on this years pictures...I am almost caught up,...then I will look into the 3 huge boxes I have full of older ones to work on, I have around 25 years of pictures to do!!! WOW I hope I have enough time to do it....someday....

Have a wonderful week, hopefully I will work on more and post again this week!




I am back

Sorry I have been missing, I have been trying to catch up with my pictures....I have soooo many it is I decided to start working on them, and stop thinking about what to is one of them.

My daughter likes to take pictures of is proof....this is the only thing I could come up with having so many to put into one page....I think it looks beautiful...I used some scraps I had lying around (which is good,...the pile is finally going down....!) I used my silhouette....(still trying to figure it out...) This is the result!

Hope you like it, thanks for visiting!




Stampin Out Alzheimers

I found this website Stampin Out Alzheimers
website thru Lauren Meader's blog Click here

They are holding this 'special event'! Please join,if you can, donate if you can,all the proceeds go directly to Alzheimers research.

I am directly affected by this disease, my mother has dementia...she does not recognize me anymore, she is being 'taken' away every day, every minute...she can't help it....Neither can I, just research to find a cure, or treatment, we would be able to wipe it!!!

Whatever you can give it would make a world of difference, please help!




More Mother's Day cards...

Using the same paper, same set, different layouts, and an embossing folder, I can make it all different!

Hope I can inspire someone, if you need any supplies please contact me!!




Mother's Day Cards

Wow I had forgotten Mother's Day is next Sunday....I took a break from sewing today....had to make the cards to is one of them.

I used:
SOTM from TAC for April
Scraps I had on my table
Tombow markers from TAC
Versa Magic Tear drops

I had to make 15 of them, so I changed the layout on them, to make them look different...cause I get bored doing the same over and are the same thing, with different layouts! On the bottom one, I used a punch for the border.

Hope you like them, I am almost done with all the sewing (show is in 2 weeks...) Then back to my craft table!!!




gerbera daisy

Sorry I have been missing, I have been sewing costumes for dd ballet performance...again....almost done though....

I had made this card a few weeks ago to send out when I just needed something to write a note on....

The base card was one I tried the 'bandana technique' on although I liked how it looked I just left some of it to see.....That is how I felt that day....sometimes how cards turn out depends on the mood I am in when I make them.

I used:
Gerbera daisy TAC stamp
White Glossy CS
Different color inks
Hydra Sponges
Black Embossing Powder
Ribbon from my stash

Thanks for visiting, hopefully I will be done with all the sewing soon, and will be able to sit at my table to create again!




for a friend

I just found out my friend was in the hospital....we are a few miles away...the only thing I could offer was an ear to listen, a pretty card to let her know I think about of her often....This is what I came up with...

I used: Dear Friend TAC stamp
Impress Dual Markers (brights) TAC
Versa Magic Dew Drops TAC
Ribbon from my stash
Dew drops

Hope she likes it, was really fun to make...

Thanks for visiting!



Discontinued List of 2009

TAC just announced Discontinued List for 2009, you can get 25% discount as well!!

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Discontinued List of 2009:

It’s time to make room for new stamp additions to our 2009-2010 Inspiration Base Book! It’s a great time to add the following stamp sets to your collection at a 25% discount before they are gone forever! As of July 1, 2009, these sets will no longer be available for ordering, will not appear online, and will be officially retired from the TAC™ collection.

FS = Fall Supplement BB = Base Book

Halloween Town 5 FS

Pumpkin Day 5 FS

Fright Night 7 FS

Halloween Grettings 7 FS

T-2882 All Occasion Icons 17 BB

T-2897 My Sunshine 17 BB

T-2835 Faithbooking 18 BB

T-2915 My Life 19 BB

T-2875 Fantasy Flourishes 20 BB

T-2622 Artsy Elements 20 BB

T-2847 Enchanted Florals 22 BB

T-2825 Butterbees and More 23 BB

R-2028 Bllissfully Ever AfterLink 24 BB

T-2675 Wedding Day 25 BB

T-2833 The Wedding 25 BB

T-2848 Eclectic Swirls 26 BB

T-2955 Everyday EclecticLink 26 BB

T-2849 Old World Ornaments28 BB

T-2866 Starbusrt Florals 31 BB

T-2850 Ornate Swirls 28 BB

T-2801 Something's Fishy 28 BB

T-2837 Distressed Typewritter Bet 29 BB

T-2812 Family Fun 29 BB

T-2744 Floral Dingbats 29 BB

T-2886 Pattern Saying 30 BB

T-2865 Moxie MInis 31 BB

T-2829 Bloom and Grow 31 BB

T-2923 All Season Stamps 32 BB

T-2853 Seasonal Cuties 32 BB

T-2808 Oh How 32 BB

T-2852 Floral Favorites 32 BB

T-2831 Flower Doodles 33 BB

T-2814 Paisley Words 33 BB

T-2672 Salsa Flowers 34 BB

T-2856 Swirly Bouquet 35 BB

T-2855 Loops and Swirls 35 BB

T-2745 Rose Garden 36 BB

T-2750 It's Always Springtime 36 BB

T-2339 Friendship Flowers 37 BB

T-2412 Enjoy Today 37 BB

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T-2408 The Arts 40 BB

T-2749 Ornamental Ribbons 42 BB

T-1014 Flutter By 43BB

T-2636 Basic Birds44 BB

T-2703 Goodness of God 44 BB

T-1096 Tiger Face 44 BB

T-815 Mountain Scenery 44 BB

T-1101African Giraffe 45 BB

T-2122Charcoal Leaves 45 BB

T-2720 Punctuation 47 BB

T-2920 Floral Swirls 47 BB

T-2931 Our Saviour 48BB

T-2709 Love Doodles 48 BB

T-788 Celtic Images 49 BB

T-2699 Blessed With 53 BB

T-2670 On Safari 54 BB

T-2818 Our BabyLink 55 BB

T-2312 Ribbon Borders 55 BB

T-2545 Baby On Board 56 BB

T-2363 Peek A Boo56 BB

T-2384 Double Trouble 57 BB

T-2631 Twins 57 BB

T-2686 Kid Praises 57 BB

T-2669 Bold Flourishes 58 BB

T-2870 RRetro Rovers 60 BB

T-2862 Funky Felines 60 BB

T-2349 Hoppy Frogs 61 BB

R-2029 Blooming Builders 62 BB

R-2026 Deco Designs 63 BB

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T-2627 Pull Up Anchor 65 BB

T-2663 Sail Away 65 BB

T-2851 Euphoric Elements 67 BB

T-2718 Ocean Buddies 67 BB

T-2770 Fun Fish 67 BB

T-2959 Celebrate the Seasons 69 BB

T-2947 Sparkle 69 BB

T-2614 Flourishes 70 BB

T-2315 Paisley Rockz 72 BB

T-2652 Fun Time 72 BB

T-2838 Heavenly Father 73 BB

T-2873 G is for Gratitude 74 BB

T-2705 Nothin’ But Net 76 BB

T-2532 You’re A Winner 76 BB

T-2689 Girlie Gadgets 77 BB

T-2668 Teacher’s Helpers 78 BB

T-2684 All Season Athlete 78 BB

T-2934 Retro Tags 80 BB

T-2714 Keep Smilin’ 81 BB

T-2832 Fancy Punctuation 82 BB

T-2883 Summer Elegance 83 BB

T-2884 Elegant Sentiments 83 BB

T-2946 Retro Journal Tags 85 BB

T-2964 Sassy Girl 85 BB

T-2121 So Girly 85 BB

T-2318 Kallioppe 85 BB

T-2861 Travel Notes 86 BB

T-1130 Fore 86 BB

T-1091 Fish Story 87 BB

T-2846 Twist and Twirls 88 BB

T-2637 My Heart Gives Thanks 89 BB

T-2260 Hey Chick 89 BB

T-2957 Celebration Invitation 91 BB

T-2879 Playful Pirates 92 BB

T-2748 Spooky Swirls 92 BB

T-2601 Family, Food and Friends 95 BB

T-2790 Count Your Blessings 95 BB

R-2721 Simply christmas 96 BB

T-2706 Holiday Magic 96 BB

T-2792 Trendy Holiday Tags 97 BB

T-2810 Christmas Checklist 97 BB

T-2032 Cheery Christmas 98 BB

T-2685 Spirit of Christmas 99 BB

T-2603 ‘Tis The Season 100 BB

T-2772Snowy Swirls100 BB

T-2793 Birdy Holiday 100 BB

T-1253 Christmas Fun 101 BB

T-2679 Simple Snowflakes 102 BB

T-442 Snowflakes 103 BB

R-2031 Whimsical Greetings 104 BB

T-2701 Christmas Season 104 BB

**Sets may appear as a future Vintage set at the discretion of the TAC™ corporate office.
*Orders for discontinued sets must be received at the corporate office by 5:00 PM CST on Friday, June 26, 2009.
*Orders placed from the discontinued list are commissionable and count toward FUNshop™ sales and benefits.
*No other special offers or discounts apply.
*TAC™ reserves the right to amend the discontinued list as we see fit.
© 2009 The Angel Company™ All Rights Reserved.


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This is s great offer, if you are interested please contact me to place your order!!!

Don't let this offer pass!!!

See you soon,


Stamping on a Layout

On this l/o I used some of the new free download TAC has on it's website you can go here to download it.

I used the one with the swirls on
the corner because I thought it was the most appropriate one forthis layout.

Some of the 'elements' that I used I already owned....

The 'brown' paper I used under the picture is from TAC Mimi Collection, so is the 'label' I put under the picture, the corners I used on it as well.

This is a good way of showing how you can use some of TAC's stamping products, on a layout for a picture album.

If you have any questions or need help with any of your srapbooking/stamping projects please let me know.




Happy Bday Dear Friend

My hubby's Aunt birthday was in March, I found out the day before, I whipped this card up in a couple of minutes, so I could sent it! It did not make it on time, but she got,....a little late....OH WELL, I tried!!!!!!

I used:

TAC Dear Friend (Magalogue set)
TAC Tuscany Spice paper collection
Ribbon from my stash
Glossy CS
Kaleidacolor Ink pad

Thanks for visiting!




another spring card

This little lamb came from the same TAC set......I had to share.

This is a 'hello' you see how versatile this set is....Love it!!! I really hope they will have it available some other time....

Thanks for visiting!




some more Spring Cards

I know the promotion TAC had was sold out....sorry for those of you who wanted it and did not get to it before it was gone!

I still had to show the cards I made with the promo. The only thing I added to this one that was not in the promo was a blue dew drop....the rest is all TAC!

I am hoping TAC would put this set somehow in their new catalog, when it comes out in July!! So stay tuned....this one really is very versatile, you can use it for almost any occasion!

Thanks for visiting!