I made these

This is what I have been up to, I had these cushions I was going to give away, I had some muslin, and thought I would try and see how they look.

I used palette inks from TAC in raw sienna, belle rose, lanscape, noir black, and some staz on in blue and red. I used the following sets from TAC His Angels, Small Sentimentsl, andFlowers and Holly.

I think I am going to go thru some others and see how good they look when I am done...I might be able to recycle them!



Esto es lo que he estado haciendo, tenia estos cojines que iba a regalar, tenia una tela de forro, y pense que deberia de tratar y ver como se verian antes de salir de ellos.

Use la tinta de Palette inks de TAC en raw sienna, belle rose, lanscape, noir black, y alguna de Stazon en azul y rojo. Use los siguentes sets de TAC, His Angels, Small Sentiments, y Flowers and Holly.

Creo que voy a tratar de ver si 'arreglo' otros y ver si quedan bien....quizas pueda reciclarlos!!!

Que los disfruten,



craftyscot said...

these are lovely Percy, a great idea

Angela K said...

How fun, I may have to try this!!

Sonja said...

wow, how cool is that?

Stacey said...

These are so sweet! Gorgeous colours and pattern - how clever are you?! ~x~

PawsN2Stamp said...

Ok, they said everything I was going to I'll just say DITTO!!!

mel4christ said...

Great project!!!!!!!way to recycle, good for you. said...

What a great idea. I love how versatile Palette ink pads are. you did a great job here.

Lisa said...

Those are really cool, Percy! I did some stamping on Onesies and it's a lot of fun.

Mili said...

Thanks for writing this.